Towed Vehicle Retrieval

Karman Ghia on the rollback Bed of Kelly Towing in Scranton Pa

Stored Vehicles

All stored vehicles are available for pickup during normal business hours 

9am to 5pm Monday through Friday 

You must call ahead and bring proof of ownership of vehicle including a valid, non expired government issued ID card 

CALL US AT 570-941-2480

Call Us for Pickup

Accident Vehicle

Accident vehicles are towed and stored at one of our storage locations around the city. Vehicles are stored and released to be repaired, we also tow vehicles to body repair shops for your insurance!

Private Property Tows

Towed vehicles from contracted private properties can be picked up with payment of towing fee and any accrued storage fees on vehicle

Long Term Vehicle Storage

Vehicles will continue to be stored and accrue storage fees until fees and towing charges are paid in full, vehicles stored with fees and initial towing changes beyond vehicle value are subject to vehicle possession to recoup fees 

towed vehicles held for release

Vehicles towed by Municipal or State police agencies may be put on hold status meaning the vehicle is not available for customer access or release until authorized by Law Enforcement. These vehicles require additional proof of release of vehicle from the Law Enforcement Agency that can be faxed to 570-347-7187 or emailed to by the law enforcement agency